Gold Information

This section concentrates on gold information such as gold and black sand properties, locating gold areas, finding gold, identifying gold, gold found on club claims and related gold information. Check back on occasion to see if something new has been added. Please email the webmaster if you have something to contribute.

Gold Pages

  • Gold Facts such as the properties of gold and black sands, weight conversions and historical gold prices.
  • Specific Gravity test for the amount of two minerals in a rock sample such as the amount of gold in a specimen of gold in quartz.
  • Locating Gold Areas by individual research, joining a gold club and using Public Recreational Prospecting areas.
  • AZ Gold Clubs lists contact information for gold clubs that have claims in Arizona along with available information on areas where these claims are located.
  • US Gold Clubs lists information on other gold clubs outside Arizona.
  • Finding Gold focuses on how to find gold once you are in a gold bearing area.
  • Identifying Gold gives tips on differentiating between gold and minerals that could be mistaken for gold.
  • Finding and Identifying Meteorites is not directly gold related but hopefully will give a new respect for “hot rocks”.
  • Gold Finds shows photos of gold, and other interesting items, found by club members on DGD claims. (123 KB)
  • Gold nuggets on display at the 2007 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, featuring gold from Australia. (169 KB)
  • Gold nuggets on display at the 2004 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show, some from Arizona. (228 KB)
  • Selling Gold is for those lucky few who find so much gold that they wish to convert some to cash.
  • Shor International is a company that makes an acid-free refining system that results in 0.9995 pure gold.