Photo Gallery


The following pages contain pictures taken at some of the club outings. See what the club outings are all about or what you missed by not being there. This is also intended to point out the various methods used by the club members, from the simple gold pan to much more elaborate wet and dry machines, including homemade devices, as well as metal detectors. More pictures will be added from time to time so be sure to check back.

If you are a current club member or guest and have any club pictures that you would like to submit for this page, please e-mail them to along with a caption or text that describes each picture, including the date and if possible the names of the people in the picture. These can be any size as I can re-size if necessary as well as change formats (keep in mind we cannot make a small image larger without losing quality). This will be a good way for members, especially newer ones, to get to know the other club members as well as being informative for prospective members.