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Gold Clubs Outside of Arizona

This is a partial list of prospecting clubs and Organizations based outside of Arizona. This page is a work in progress. Clubs that wish to be listed or trade links should contact the DGD Webmaster. For more extensive lists of gold and related clubs that cover other states, see Other Club Listings below.

Clubs are listed alphabetically by State. For clubs that have web sites, only the web address is listed for contact information.

Clubs and Organizations in other states

  • Alabama
    The Alabama Gold Club is a commercial operation in Cragford with daily rates that depend on the type of equipment used. They allow up to a 5″ dredge and have camping facilities.
  • California
    • The First Class Miners, Inc.
      is a club based in San Bernardino County, California. They have two 160-acre placer claims and one 40-acre claim located in the Twentynine Palms area of the Mojave desert.
    • The Prospector’s Club of Southern California,
      founded in 1966, is based in Downey, California, and holds title to several gold claims in California. “The Club has also made agreements with other organizations to to allow their members and ours, to make mutual use of each other’s gold claims. With these arrangements, our members have access to quite a large number of sites where they can get their share of the gold in our state.”
  • Colorado
    The Gold Prospectors of the Rockies (GPR) was founded in Denver, Colorado, in 1995. The general purpose of this non-profit, family-oriented club is “the advancement of gold prospecting.” The GPR meets once a month to educate members about placer gold prospecting, review old and new products, coordinate family outings, participate in drawings for nuggets, and promote the pursuit of gold. Each month, the club arranges a presentation on an aspect of gold prospecting. Also, the club holds on-site training sessions in how to locate placer gold, panning, highbanking, dredging, and metal detecting, and publishes a monthly newsletter. The website has many articles on recovery of gold. (Lots of interesting articles – Webmaster)
  • Idaho
    The Idaho Gold Prospectors Association is based out of Boise, Idaho and, from their web site on 6/25/05, has 135 members and access to approximately 15 claims in Southwest Idaho.
  • Nevada
    The Gold Searchers of Southern Nevada (GSSN) is located in the Las Vegas area. According to their web site, they have over 500 acres under claim for the members to use for prospecting purposes. They have monthly meetings and club outings. They also have demonstrations and Speakers at the meetings and at Outings.
  • Washington
    The Washington Prospectors Mining Association (WPMA) is located in the Seattle area. According to their web site, they are the largest non-profit small scale mining association in the State of Washington. Members have access to over 1665 acres of Association claims, and some specific members claims, throughout the states of Washington, Oregon, and California.

Other Listings of Gold Clubs

Some of the information on club listings in the links below appear to be out of date. It is hard to keep this information current.